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jeudi, juin 09, 2005

J'ai démenagé

This is where you can find me once again. Sorry for the confusion mes amis

vendredi, mai 27, 2005

astucieux: astute (adj.)

Mon amie, Etak, est très astucieuse. Aujourd'hui elle a vu que j'utilise Blogger encore.

My friend, Etak, is very astute. Today she saw that I'm using Blogger again.

Pronounced: "aw-stew-see-uh"
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jeudi, mai 26, 2005

un abat-jour: lamp shade (n.)

Nous avons acheté un abat-jour vert la semaine passé.

We bought a green lamp shape last week.

Pronounced: "aw-baw-zhore"
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vendredi, mai 20, 2005

le sacre: profanity; curseword

Ma mère utilisé les sacres rarement. Quand elle les utilise je sais que elle est faché.
My mom rarely swears. When she does use profanity, I know she's mad.

Pronounced: "sack-ruh"
Slang: Je m'en sacre: I don't give a flying fuck.

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jeudi, mars 17, 2005

patienter: to wait; hold on the phone (v.)

Pouvez-vous patienter monsieur? Could you hold please sir? Pronounced: "paw-see-awn-tay" Note: this is phrase is très common in Québec, but not really used in France.

mercredi, mars 16, 2005

éperdu: distracted (adj)

Quand il pense fort, il devient un peu épardu. When he thinks hard, he becomes a bit distracted. Pronounced: "ay-pair-doo" Note éperdu de joie: wild with delight

mardi, mars 15, 2005

le pneu: tire (n.)

Les pneus lacérés sont partout sur les autoroutes. Shredded tires are everywhere on the highways. Pronounced: "puh-nuh" Note Culturelle: It is customary when driving on the highways in France to move over to the right after passing cars. Rarely does a car camp out in the left lane of traffic on the autoroutes like we do in the states. Speed limits signs are in kilometers by the way, they don't use our awesome imperial system. It's not necessary to have a separate driver's license when driving in France or the rest of Europe. Ours work just fine contrary to what many travel agencies state.

lundi, mars 14, 2005

le canapé: couch (n.)

Sprizee vient d'acheté un nouveau canapé d'Ikea. Sprizee just bought a new couch at Ikea. Pronounced: "kaw-naw-pay" [enter Sprizee stage right] I. Feel. Like. Such. An. Adult. All weekend, everytime I walked into the living room I found myself saying, "Man, this is like a real apartment." Then, Sunday, after the St. Pat's Day Dash, I christen it with a nice long nap. And yes, I realize the previous two statments don't necessarily make any sense. Duh, it's me. I'm random and ungettable. Like Napoleon Dynamite. [exit Sprizee stage left]

vendredi, mars 11, 2005

le bavardage: gossip (n.)

J'ai entendu beaucoup de bavardage à propos de ma vie le week-end passé. I heard lots of gossip about my life last weekend. Pronounced: "baw-vawr-dawj"

jeudi, mars 10, 2005

un hors-la-loi: an outlaw (n.)

Je suis un hors-la-loi depuis j'ai volé le petit chien de Paris Hilton. I'm an outlaw ever since I stole Paris Hilton's little dog. Pronounced: "oars-law-lwoy"
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